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Vyom Compound bow provides speed, stability and accuracy with its high-tech and cutting-edge technology. With perfect balance, centre shot placement with apt weight management provides desired performance.





Axle - Axle


Brace Height





Mirror Cam


Draw Length


Draw Weight

1 Main Cable + 2 Y Cable

Cable / String

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Carved in a light and strong-grade aluminium alloy – the handle gives a feel-it factor. Ample shooting belly, with utmost body balance in bottom half of the handle gives archer the stability which is needed for a tight shot.

Ambidextrous design of handle makes it more attractive and user friendly.

Perfect wind-velocity negotiating windows in handle, keeps it stable in most windy situations.

It allows resting of comfortable portion of palm on the grip making it firm in all conditions.


As the name suggest both the cams in Vyom are twin cam and participate equally in executing a tight and most accurate shot. With equal amount of rotation performed while pulling and taking a shot, cam provides a secured mindset to archer from intricacies of tuning and alignment. While corroborating the centre shot adjustment, cam also takes care of equal pressure being passed on to both the Y cables attached. Mirror function of cam also provides greater string alignment.

Adjustment from 24” to 33” draw weight in the same cam makes it is easy to change the draw as per archer’s requirement.

Incremental pulling to reach peak poundage and post that getting in a let-off zone ensures archers are injury free and increase shooting capability.


Introducing the revolutionary Full Carbon Core archery limbs. Automotive inspired monocoque construction designed without utilising any cheaper materials like wood or foam. Throughout the design process, the philosophy was straight forward – Delivering breakthrough performance by combining best raw materials with core expertise in Carbon Fibre Composites. We have given thoughtful attention to minute details of the archery shooting and kept the archer always at centre focus, to enhance the shooting experience by not just improving the limb performance but also reducing the pain areas to the archer. The result: A marvellous limb – delivering blazing fast arrow speed, consistently accurate and stable shooting experience, with exceptionally smooth yet forgiving shots.


Perfectly carved handle and monocoque carbon limbs with twin cam, delivers excellence in the design of Vyom. Axel to axel 37” distance makes it most compact and still most comfortable for all type of compound archers. With sleek and yet sumptuous look gives “shoot-more” feel to archer.

Co-Operative Curve of limbs gives the needed reflection while pulling. The carbon technology used makes it stronger and yet silent while shooting.

Twin Cam system ensures both the cam behave in mirror way which makes equidistributional workload management while taking a shot.


Centre shot position of nocking makes it easy to tune and an “archer friendly” equipment. Carbon technology provides higher speed even with less deflection.

Most importantly, not putting a pressure on archer’s body while playing with incremental poundage method makes Vyom an archer’s favourite by reducing paradoxical errors.

User friendly adjustments in entire equipment makes it easy to paper-tune and achieve the required results.

Only thing we can say is SHOT IT TO FEEL IT and FALL IN LOVE WITH IT.